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    Discover Sensible Machine Learning: An Introduction to Intelligent Automated Forecasting

    April 13th, 2023

    What is Sensible Machine learning? I suppose we can’t really start talking about what SensibleML is and how awesome it is, without understanding, at least to an extent, the problem it is trying to solve for.

    What is the problem? Have you ever wanted to know what the demand for your product will be in 3 months’ time? Or maybe even a year? Or perhaps ever wondered whether you need to expand your manufacturing line or prioritise certain services within your business today to maximize profits tomorrow?

    The technical term given for such problems is Time Series Forecasting and that is exactly why SensibleML was developed.

    Now that we have an idea of what the problem is. Let us get back to the question at hand. The short answer is, Sensible Machine Learning is a powerful tool for analysing and making predictions from time series data. By developing accurate and robust models, SensibleML can help us better understand and predict complex systems that evolve over time.

    Read the full story below, where we will explore Sensible Machine learning, its benefits, applications and limitations. 

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