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"At inlumi, you will be cherished for your contribution."

"At inlumi, you will be cherished for your contribution."

November 26th, 2019

Louise Baudou, Consultant at inlumi Sweden, describes life at inlumi as a starter.

I was impressed by inlumi the moment I sat down for my job interview, when I could tell that my interviewers were keen on sharing their knowledge. It immediately felt like a friendly environment where you can develop and where people are willing to help you develop; not just your manager or your boss, but everybody.

Before joining inlumi, I worked in the finance department at a communications firm after graduating in Social Science and Business Administration at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2016. I spent about two years at my previous employer before applying for the consultant position at inlumi’s Stockholm office.

As soon as I started, I had a chance to get to know everyone at the office. I sat down with each of my colleagues for at least an hour while I asked questions and they explained their roles at the company. Now that I’ve been working here for almost a year, I’m noticing that inlumi has exceeded my expectations. Even when my colleagues are very busy, they take the time to explain things to me. I get the sense that everybody wants me to learn, and that I am also given the time to learn.

I was initially surprised by how much IT we are doing as consultants at inlumi, but you have to start with the IT to become a good EPM consultant. The more you develop your technical skills, the more you can focus on the finance and advisory aspects of your work. Ultimately, the goal is to understand the technology so that you can meet the needs of the customer. This also means being able to translate your work into a language that the customer understands.

Louise Baudou, Consultant at inlumi Sweden

In just my second month at inlumi, I had the opportunity to visit the OneStream office in Manchester for training together with three other international colleagues, learning everything there is to learn about OneStream. After the course, I spent a lot of time reading materials, watching webinars and asking my colleagues about the OneStream application. It wasn’t much later that I was trusted to work in projects at internationally renowned clients.

It’s hard to describe a typical day at inlumi because every day is so different. If I had to imagine a normal day, I might spend half a day at the office preparing for a meeting or building a system for a client. The other half of the day, I might be at a customer discussing the system and trying to gather more information which we can use in the project. While my days at inlumi might vary a lot, the work I do is always collaborative. It’s the collaborative nature of my work which makes me passionate about working at inlumi.

On the days that I don’t have projects, I like to contribute in other ways. When I’m not using my downtime for training, I participate in office activities to help create a nice environment at the office. During my second week as an employee here, I was part of the Great Place to Work team. I used my fresh perspective to discuss how we can better onboard new employees. During these sessions, I felt very listened to; despite being so new, I felt like I had a voice.

I also had the chance to contribute to the inlumi blog. As it turns out, the first blog post I wrote for inlumi was a hit and is now also being used in the hiring process to explain EPM to applicants. This was not just a big accomplishment for me, but also shows that the company includes all employees in all aspects of the company. Whether you are junior or senior, you will be cherished for your contribution. This was my proudest moment so far at inlumi.

Looking back at my first year here, I can see that I’ve grown significantly, both professionally and personally. Professionally, it was a steep learning curve, especially because this is my first job as a consultant. The ownership that I have been given - and the trust that the company has in me - has encouraged me to learn even more about the systems and about EPM. On a personal level, I feel like this experience has made me more independent. While my work is collaborative, I work more autonomously than ever before and I am responsible for my own workload. It makes me feel empowered in my career and I feel like a true professional.

I would encourage other new joiners at inlumi to do what I did: ask a lot of questions, take the time to learn from your colleagues, and trust that inlumi had a good reason to hire you. Realise that inlumi knows that you can’t know everything from the beginning, but they want you to learn. In order to work here, you need passion and you need a growth mindset.