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"At inlumi, you will make a difference."

"At inlumi, you will make a difference."

October 21st, 2021

Last year, Rob Wang joined inlumi as an Analyst in our London office. We interviewed Rob to hear about why he joined inlumi, how inlumi has supported his development, and how it has been to get to know the team during challenging times.

What is a typical day for an Analyst?

The main function of an Analyst is to jump on the team, wherever it's required. While it can be quite tricky for a new joiner to find their place, there's a lot of potential responsibility that a new Analyst can take on, such as more senior-level roles that you might not be able to have in a large corporation.

A good day for an Analyst would be if you were to ask someone, “What are you up to today?” They’ll give you a little bit of insight and a few tasks to do. If you're lucky, you've managed to figure it out relatively quickly. But, if you're even luckier, it'll take you a bit of time, and you'll be able to find out exactly what it is that you're capable of, or that you're not capable of, and you can work on that.

Every day, for myself at least, is a bit of self-discovery; encountering a bit of difficulty and friction, and then figuring it out. In the end, if you’ve pushed yourself and discovered a few new things, that's a really good day.

Often, that's the trend at inlumi. Other than a timetable in which you’d hope to complete something, there's no set timescale for you to learn, and you're given a lot of support whilst doing it.

So it's a relatively high-pressure, and also low-pressure environment. Because while the client may be demanding, you'll also be given a lot of opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and to talk to the people around you. Luckily we have a great team, so you'll always feel supported here.

What made you want to join inlumi?

At the beginning, I have to admit, inlumi didn't jump off the page to me.

It was after I had come to a few interviews and met a few people that I realized that this is a different company, in the sense that it is a very professional place, but it is also a company where you could feel like you will make a difference.

The people around you are supportive. They are almost like a family with each other. Which is often easier said than done. A lot of companies advertise themselves that way, but not a lot of companies deliver.

The main thing for me was the ability to grow at a very rapid pace. As I mentioned before, not a lot of companies allow you to take on such senior roles at such an early stage in your job. inlumi really allowed that. They were very good at pushing, advertising and implementing very early-stage growth. As a recent graduate, this was exactly what I was looking for.

If you're looking to join a company for more than just its name, you should also see where you can grow. inlumi allows a lot of opportunity for that.

Why would you join inlumi over another organisation?

The main qualities of inlumi include its ability to be flexible, both with its clients and with its employees. inlumi can think on its feet very quickly, which is something that worked very well during Covid. We were relatively successful during Covid compared to other companies - even in our industry.

From an employee standpoint and as a new joiner, what is really attractive to me is the ability to feel taken care of and to feel heard. For example, it doesn't matter what your problem can be, there's always someone in the company who's going to be there to help you. It's not something that jumps off the page when you apply for a job, but when you've been working even a tiny bit, it's something that becomes more and more valuable, and I think should be a very good reason why you join a company or don't.

In my case, I was uncomfortable for a while about the health of my family during the pandemic, and the whole company was very understanding. That could have been a huge problem at other places, but inlumi’s ethos is to care about that kind of thing.

As long as inlumi continues to do that, it's always going to be a company that stands out from the vast majority of larger corporations.

How do you see your career path?

There isn't a hierarchical structure in inlumi. There are technically different grades of consultants; we have Analysts, then Consultants, then you go up to Senior Consultants etc, all the way up to Principals. But day-to-day, people tend to take on all sorts of responsibilities.

That's the great thing here. People don't really remember what grade they are, in the sense that everyone joins together as a team, and everyone is a member of a team.

In that sense, you already have a lot of career progression from the beginning. But if you want to take on more senior roles, you can always talk to your boss. They'll always be open to listen to whatever things you have to pitch and what things you feel like you can offer.

The crux of someone's achievement in the company can be that they can take on any project, almost on their own but also with their team. I personally haven't reached that stage, so it's not something I can speak to directly. But I've worked with people who can, and I can tell they get a lot of excitement from that job.

What is it like working across borders?

I've never crossed the border since I've joined because of the pandemic. But I have worked with a lot of people online and it's been pretty similar to how it would have been had we gone to their offices. It's been very good.

During the pandemic, we’ve had a lot of meetings online. We've talked a lot with our colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, and it's great because you meet people from all sorts of cultures and you hear how they work. I feel very connected.

I think, in the future, inlumi is going to be even more connected across borders, because that's just the way we think it's going to be more efficient. It's going to be better for people to be able to draw on knowledge from outside your country. So I think that the interconnectivity across different countries and different branches is going to be a very healthy thing in the future.

What makes working at inlumi fun?

Regardless of whether or not you're at home or you're in the office, there is always some fun to be had in the company, because of the amount of care that inlumi takes to make everyone feel involved and to not feel left out. It can be something as simple as sending a parcel through the mail so we can bake swiss rolls!

That kind of atmosphere makes everyone feel like they're collaborating towards the team, and it doesn't feel like the team is ever that far away. We’ll have bingo nights, and you can have drinks with your colleagues either physically or online. It's great, and even during the pandemic things have felt pretty social.

In the last year and a half, we've been working at home, but I feel like I've been working at home with other people, and that's really the atmosphere that inlumi has. The social aspect, though hindered by Covid, was still very much there, and it will be in the future too.