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Enabling Impact

Enabling Impact

September 30th, 2019

inlumi will always strive to be a company which contributes beyond our client delivery obligations and that includes taking care of the natural environment. We are proud that team members across our seven European locations are equally committed to making a positive impact on the world around them. 

International and domestic travel are necessary parts of our roles at inlumi. However, we are all driven by a need to leave a legacy of long-term sustainability, not damage.  

Central to this commitment are the relationships we have with like-minded partners. One of those partners is Mossy Earth, an enterprise whose main aim is, by restoring ecosystems, to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet's wilderness.  

Ashley Chapman, Head of Consulting UK

Mossy Earth has been instrumental in helping us deliver our conservation commitment through its rewilding and conservation projects. By the end of 2019, inlumi will have planted more than two thousand trees as part of our carbon offsetting and ecosystem restoration programme. 

inlumi’s team members are central to our re-wilding and carbon offsetting targets, and it is our genuine pleasure to announce that as of 1 October 2019 all inlumi team members will be carbon neutral

Our partnership with Mossy began when Ashley (Ash) Chapman, Head of Consulting UK, casually struck up a conversation with one of the co-founders during a surf trip to Portugal: “I was having a beer, watching the sun go down when Matt told me the Mossy story. I was captivated by the idea and the potential for positive impact. When I got home, I rang them up and asked if I could help. Fortunately for me, they said yes!” 

Since then, inlumi and Mossy Earth have worked together restoring forests in Portugal and Romania destroyed by wildfires and illegal logging. 

Ashley Chapman, Head of Consulting UK

For our first collaboration with Mossy Earth in 2017, inlumi contributed 400 trees to restore an oak woodland more resilient to wildfires in Portugal.

At inlumi we continue to drive sustainability and strive to keep this at the heart of everything we do. In March 2018, we planted 200 trees to offset the carbon produced by attendees who travelled to our Top Gun event.

Ash states: “Mossy is one of those very rare, 100% positive contribution businesses. Who could ever argue or oppose the idea of planting trees, returning areas of the earth to its natural state and encouraging the wild to return! I have tremendous respect for Matt and Duarte (the founders) proving a business of this nature with strong, positive impact values can survive and thrive as a genuine commercial operation. I really want to contribute toward making Mossy work.” We couldn’t agree more. 

At inlumi, we firmly believe that doing the right thing on a corporate level can only be effective if it matches the personal values of our employees. According to Ash, being able to bring his own values to work “completely changes how each day feels, how you feel about it and why you are doing what you do – the purpose. You can do a similar job somewhere else, but it feels completely different at inlumi. This is what makes us exciting!”  

Ash joined inlumi in the summer of 2017 and heads the UK consulting practice. Despite playing a leading role within the inlumi group, he describes his role in the same three ways as every consultant: “to deliver on projects, develop myself, and develop the business”. Ash is driven by “engagement with people – our team, our client teams – so it is always varied, challenging and educational.”