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Exploring OneStream XF MarketPlace: Templates, Tools, and Security

Exploring OneStream XF MarketPlace: Templates, Tools, and Security

May 26th, 2020

This is the second in our series of blogs exploring OneStream’s XF MarketPlace solutions. In this segment we focus on a small selection of the development Tools and Templates that are instantly available from XF MarketPlace and their usefulness in accelerating OneStream development.

Templates: Sample Import Templates

Let’s start with Templates. To navigate here, we select “Templates” on the main Navigation menu.

There are a number of Templates available here for development purposes as accelerators. In this blog we are only going to focus on the Sample Import Templates available.

Sample Import Templates (IMT)

Sample Import Templates is an extract that we can download that contains some great sample Excel import templates to enable us to start importing data to OneStream. No need to start from scratch when we have multiple examples that we can repurpose.

Contained within the zip are two separate folders split between Stage and Cube imports. These folders provide a blend of Replace or Merge options for import design requirements.

Custom Table XL Templates (for Stage):


Workflow XL Import Templates (for Workflow Import):


Sample Import Templates is available as part of the Templates solutions from XF MarketPlace.


There is also a large selection of Tools available in XF MarketPlace. These can be selected using the main navigation menu. Here we are going to review a selection of the many Tools available to assist both administrators and developers alike.

Excel Metadata Builder (MDB)

The Excel Metadata Builder is the perfect toolkit for starting a project. Here we can build out the dimensional hierarchical structure and/or Workflow Profiles in Excel using this template. This is a useful tool for managing iterative hierarchy development and dimensional creation, iteration and maintenance during a project; given that we can import the output between environments.

Contained within the solution is an Excel add-in, some documentation and a Templates folder.

In the Templates folder we have the Dimensions template, which can be used to create and manage all dimensions visible in the Dimension Library in OneStream, while the Workflow template will enable creation and configuration of workflow profiles.

It enables iterative redevelopment and an XML conversion which can be imported to OneStream to reflect changes.


2.3  Dimension Comparison Utility (DCU)

The final MarketPlace Tools solution we will look at is another one that runs outside of OneStream itself. The Dimension Comparison Utility contains an executable file to be installed on your local machine.

The tool allows you to import two OneStream Dimension XML extracts to compare them in detail, for example between environments. This is great for migration purposes, as well as reconciliation between environments.

The differences are shown in highlighted colours: yellow is a parent with a changed descendant, orange means a property change of an immediate child has changed, red means the member is removed and green that it has been added.

The tool shows the members hierarchically and when selected, the bottom of the screen will show any differences in properties.




The last solution we are going to review is the XML Security Cleaner. While not strictly speaking a “Tool”, being available in the Security solutions suite, I’m going to include it in this blog as I think it’s one of the most powerful tools of them all!

XML Security Cleaner (XSR)

If you have ever tried to migrate an application backup between environments, then you should already be aware of the pitfalls of xml errors and potential xml hacking required to resolve them. OneStream provides a neat solution for this via the XML Security Cleaner.

This is a standalone executable that will strip out the Security on any OneStream xml zip package you have. For example, it can automatically update the Security to either Everyone or Administrators.


All you need to do is browse locally to the extracted zip created, select Administrators or Everyone, depending on requirement and click the “Clean and Export” button. This will create a clean xml zip in the same target destination as the source file selected, and we can now import the xml’s cleanly and without incident.


As you can see there are some really useful tools here that can help accelerate your development and administration needs in OneStream, that we can download and start to use immediately! I’d recommend having a scan through what’s available and download as required.

If you would like any more information on any of the Tools reviewed here, then please get in touch and please look out for the next post in this series, where we will look at the Help Desk Manager in XF MarketPlace.

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Sam Eburn

Sam Eburn

Sam is originally from North London and has 15 years of experience as a Finance Systems Manager and Systems Accountant, working in ERP for 10 years and EPM for 5 years. He has varied industry experience, including finance, technology, payments, retail, gaming, and construction. Over the last two years, he has been busy developing OneStream.