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First look at Oracle Hyperion 11.2

First look at Oracle Hyperion 11.2

January 21st, 2020

While the rest of you were kicking back and spending time with your families last holiday season, inlumi’s infrastructure specialists were carrying out intense testing of the newly released Oracle Hyperion 11.2. This is the long-awaited version of Oracle Hyperion on-prem which was released on the 18th of December 2019.

Below, we cover some of the early findings we've made in the 11.2 release from a technical perspective.

  • 11.2 is - at the moment - only officially supported on Windows Server 2019.
  • The only supported Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2+ according to the Oracle Support Matrix for 11.2. The Oracle Database is also supported.
  • Oracle Repository Creation Utility (RCU) made an entrance in version 11.2. The RCU is used for populating the RCU database. For the creation of data sources, Weblogic is now also dependent on the RCU.
  • For DRM there is a certification mismatch. DRM is introduced in 11.2 as a replacement for EPMA and will be part of the installation when needed. When investigating the documentation, we noticed that DRM is only supported on Microsoft SQL 2014 and 2019, and not SQL 2016. This gives us a mismatch between EPM and DRM. We've notified Oracle about this.
  • DRM as a feature is not currently a complete replacement for EPMA. However, a migration utility together with a white paper has been provided to assist in the migration from EPMA to DRM.
  • The whole Reporting and Analysis Framework (RAF) stack which includes the RAF agent has been removed and partially implemented into Foundation. For example, Financial Reports are now stored in the Foundation database and the Workspace Homepage has been removed. This gives a simplified architecture and was a welcome change.
  • The legacy Financial Reporting configure database step still exists as a configuration option. However, Oracle confirmed that this step is no longer required. If it does get configured, it will not be used and the database will stay empty, no harm done.
  • Due to the update to Fusion Middleware 12, the patching procedure has changed. The new way of working is using one Opatch for patching eg, oracle_common, Weblogic, odi etc. However, Oracle EPM home and OHS home still remain in their own Opatch inventories.
  • Essbase is still the version but has been updated with patches. Essbase is running on APS and Essbase Studio is running on version
  • The official supported browsers are Internet Explorer 11.x and Firefox ESR. Chrome is not supported and Oracle is working on certifying the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.
  • The user interface for all products appears pretty much unchanged. The simplified user interface for Planning has been removed.
  • Currently, the 11.2.0 vanilla version of HFM seems to be built on the HFM 29671051 version. We noticed that 11.2 HFM has some of the same performance issues as previously discovered in HFM Only the setting “UseCalcStatusCacheDuringConsol” to correct the performance issues is not present, and needs to be created manually.
  • Financial Reporting no longer supports Essbase as a data source. The suggested alternative is to use Oracle Smart View instead.


From a first glance, this release looks and behaves similar to Early tests show that the performance seems to be similar to, but this depends on your particular use-case. The upcoming browser support will hopefully increase the end-user experience with a smoother interface. To our surprise, Chrome was not supported and is not on the Oracle roadmap either. With the first patch set updates, we hope to see 11.2 supported in more browsers and more versions of the SQL Server. Finally, the Oracle RCU made an entrance, and as a consequence the implementation procedure has therefore slightly changed.

To help you get familiar with 11.2, inlumi is configuring and deploying EPM 11.2 rapid development/POC environments platforms for our clients who would like to test drive the platform. If you have further questions or are interested in a demo, feel free to reach out to us!