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Fruitful Strategic Insights session hosted by inlumi UK

Fruitful Strategic Insights session hosted by inlumi UK

December 7th, 2017

inlumi has landed in the UK! inlumi's UK team recently hosted a fruitful and fun event on FCCS announcing our presence, in collaboration with Keyteach. The session was a heady mix of strategy, hands-on, networking and debate. The attendees were positive and engaging, providing great feedback.

We had the mega banks, global life insurers, major media, global technology and the Rolls-Royce of aerospace and engineering all in the room, making an excellent mix of participants.

This is the first of a new series of Strategic Insight events that will provide both hands-on experience of working with Oracle’s FCCS and perspectives on the broader impact of Cloud solutions. We will be scheduling more sessions in the near future, so keep an eye out!

The session included live illustrators from Sciberia who provided strong visualisations of the key talking points that day. See the results below:

Market changes

The Cloud promise


The forgotten mile

Living in the Clouds

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