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inlumi celebrates its first year

inlumi celebrates its first year

October 5th, 2018

Exactly one year ago, two leading consultancies joined forces to become inlumi, with the mission to become the most trusted partner in Europe for Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics services. Frank Wessels, inlumi’s Chief Operating Officer, shares some reflections on the last year and the exciting developments that await us in the future.

Traveling back from a visit to our office in Finland and wearing my inlumi company coat, I realise that I’ve had this coat for almost one full year now.

In October we celebrate a great journey that resulted in the name printed on my coat, a name I wear with pride: inlumi.

From the early moments that led to this new organisation, we all saw we had so much in common. Good camaraderie between everyone involved, an aligned view on the EPM market and a strong ambition to offer our colleagues and customers a unique package we could not offer before. This made us realise this is an opportunity too good to pass on.

With a long-lasting heritage in the EPM domain, former Sucaba and Infratects reinvented themselves and forged inlumi: a new brand and a new consulting organisation that - from day one – brings together several years of combined experience.

As always, looking back at a full year of change, rebranding and transformations, not everything can be as good as anticipated. However, it’s not the name I am proud of, but what it represents: a team of kind, reliable and smart people who support our clients and their colleagues. And where there is room for improvement, we don’t walk away from the challenge to make something good even better.

Whatever the future will bring us - if it’s the ever-increasing Cloud adoption, the possibility to combine EPM with enhanced Financial Analytics, whether our consultants will use Robotics to make the job of our clients more meaningful and less tedious, or the start of Machine Learning in the EPM domain - I have a positive feeling and see a very bright future ahead of us.

inlumi is investing in these new technologies so we can assist our clients beyond what we’ve done during the last year: Enabling Decisions through the best financial insights.

A big thank you to our partners for the continued support, to our clients for the trust you have shown us and a very warm thank you to our colleagues for making inlumi absolutely worthwhile.

Frank Wessels
Chief Operating Officer