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    Oracle Analytics Cloud explained

    Oracle Analytics Cloud explained

    February 27th, 2019

    Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) was initially released during the second quarter of 2017 as part of Oracle’s Cloud strategy. The OAC software is fully compatible with all Oracle Cloud products and fits well with a wider Cloud solution strategy.

    As finance gets more complex and demand grows for high-quality and intuitive technology solutions, the need for an analytics platform is a given. By using OAC, organisations will have the possibility to analyse any kind of underlying source and compile it to make better strategic decisions with more insight moving forward.

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    About the author

    Martin Holm

    Martin Holm
    Principal Consultant in Enterprise Planning at inlumi

    Martin has over 10 years of experience from Hyperion Planning and Essbase with a background from Business Controlling. He started his career within EPM as an administrator and user of Planning and Essbase at one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers. After he transitioned into consulting, he has been engaged in several on-premise and Cloud-based implementations for Planning and Essbase. He was part of the first PBCS implementation and the first migration from Essbase to OAC in the Nordics.