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Oracle EPM Drops Reporting and Analysis Framework in the EPM Release

Oracle EPM Drops Reporting and Analysis Framework in the EPM Release

May 4th, 2018

If you read our previous blog on the EPM Version and Types of Patches you will be familiar with the Oracle Lifetime Support policy. The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the following with regards to Hyperion BI+ 11.1.2.x: it has been dropped.

As a quick reminder: Hyperion BI+ is essentially the Reporting and Analysis (RAF) component, used by Financial Reporting and some other, now retired, products such as Interactive Reporting and Web Analysis.

It was assumed that the entry above would get an update, as without it, Financial Reporting and the Workspace Home Page would cease to work.  However on 1st May 2018 a new version of the EPM Installer files were release –  The only change that inlumi labs can see is that RAF has been removed from both the installation and configuration.

As far as Configuration goes:

  • The option to use a new Financial Reporting database is offered – although nothing actually gets created in it – instead the Foundation database is used
  • The RM1 folder is no more – this will assist with High Availability options and should remove issues with the database and file system repositories getting out of sync with each other.

What will users notice:

  • The homepage containing favourites and previously visited applications is no longer available
  • A new group of roles exist under ‘Default Application Group’ - ‘Document Repository’ which contain the roles required for Financial Reporting provisioning

What is not currently clear is whether Oracle will deliver a patch to enable existing customers to upgrade/migrate to remove RAF and ensure their environments adhere to the Support policy. At the timing of writing the Oracle advice is to create a new environment and migrate applications across!

For existing customers there is no need to panic. We would expect Oracle to provide additional information on what this means in the coming weeks. It’s also worth pointing out that in the code line only one Patch Set Update has been released for RAF which only contained one fixed defect.

So we can say that RAF is a stable/mature product.

The main downside we can see is if Oracle Support start to use this as a mechanism to push back on service requests until an issue has been proved to exist in

inlumi labs will continue to test this new development so check back for updates or get in touch if you have any other concerns.

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Wayne Kelly

Wayne Kelly
Senior Infrastructure Consultant at inlumi

Wayne is an Oracle EPM Infrastructure Consultant with over 8 years’ experience helping customers with implementations and upgrades across all EPM products. In recent years this has included implementing EPM on Cloud technologies such as AWS and the different design considerations that this brings. In recent years Wayne has added to his skillset working on integration implementations, specifically with OneStream and custom Business Rules to connect to a variety of source systems.