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    Cutting costs without losing capability

    May 4th, 2022

    Many CFOs sense that there are pockets of inefficiency in their organisations. They then contract one or more consulting firms to help rationalise spend and streamline operations. The theories brought to the table by the consulting firms are fantastic and stem from either deep experience or benchmarking.

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    What happens when the cash stops flowing?

    April 20th, 2022 | Brian Nichol

    There is arguably no better teacher than a crisis, and as Winston Churchill famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    With senior business leaders across virtually all industries facing many tough questions about their companies’ performance and future direction, cash flow is the one common denominator that tops the CFO’s list of immediate priorities.

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    How digitally mature is your finance function?

    April 6th, 2022

    It is imperative to adopt a sustainable drive towards digital transformation in a world full of uncertainties. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of companies found digital transformation not only necessary but as a business imperative. These unprecedented events made us all realise that we cannot let outdated routines and mundane work bog down our employees.

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    xP&A - The new frontier in advanced financial planning

    March 31st, 2022

    The relatively new trend of extended planning and analytics (xP&A) is transforming financial planning by giving firms much greater insight into their operations. inlumi consulting director Susan Gittings, executive principal Omer Cander and chief executive Ashley Chapman discuss the increasingly important role that finance functions play in shaping organisational strategy.

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    Kick-start your career with inlumi: An interview with our Analysts

    March 29th, 2022

    inlumi actively invests in graduates to help them kick-start their careers and gain real-world experience as Analysts in consulting. We took a moment to interview Yam and Samine two of our recent graduates in London who joined the team in January.

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    Leveraging OneStream for ESG and Sustainability Reporting

    March 22nd, 2022 | Micaela Rei

    ESG reporting refers to the disclosure of qualitative and quantitative data explaining a business’s added value in these areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance.

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    “I was raised being told I could do anything I put my mind to.”

    March 8th, 2022 | Lavinia Negoita

    What are the challenges to being a female leader in tech, and how can starters learn from leaders to be successful in their careers? In celebration of International Women's Day, we wanted to hear from women in technology, specifically on the topics of diversity in the workplace, work-life balance, and mentoring. In this interview, we speak to Susan Gittings: leader, consultant and mother.

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    Announcing the combination of Jigsaw Advisory and inlumi

    March 3rd, 2022

    We are excited to announce the combination of Jigsaw Advisory and inlumi.

    Working under one brand, one name and one common set of values, we are one of a handful of companies that truly understand technology-enabled change and the impact it can have. With a team of 200+ people distributed across EMEA, we are now positioned to deliver digital transformation for the Office of the CFO – advisory, technology implementation and managed operations.

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    I predict that...

    January 27th, 2022 | Nathan Goodearl

    There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting or forecasting. Some organisations keep it relatively high-level using a subset of accounts, while others conduct planning at the same levels of actuals. There is one common denominator, however: speed.

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    Enabling impact: Building a vulture restaurant

    December 2nd, 2021

    At inlumi Inspiration Day 2021, team members voted to support the building of a vulture restaurant to enable the return of endangered vultures in Namibia. This rewilding project by our sustainability partner, Mossy Earth, provides a safe and reliable source of food for these magnificent and ecologically important species.

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