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    Stuck in Excel hell?

    Stuck in Excel hell?

    January 9th, 2019

    As a Financial Controller, you might love Excel. But simply using spreadsheets for the creation of your budget or forecast has significant consequences.

    Does this sound familiar?

    • Budget figures stored on numerous spreadsheets with no version of the truth
    • No real time data
    • Spending time in meetings validating the budget figures rather than on analysis
    • What-if scenario planning being a painful and lengthy process
    • Frustration with broken links and incorrect Excel formulas
    • No audit of who did what and when
    • Finance team wasting time on repetitive non-value adding work
    • Multiple budget contributors with no coherent process
    • Consolidation of departmental and divisional budgets a time consuming and error prone process
    • Knowledge of Excel models confined to a single person

    With the right solution, you can improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the budget cycle leaving you with more time to perform the critical role of shaping future business decisions.

    The benefits of moving away from Excel and towards a modern solution include:

    • Seamless integration of financial and operational data
    • Streamlined planning cycles
    • Confidence in your numbers
    • Process management and version control

    inlumi can help enable an informed decision on adopting the right technology to meet the needs of your organisation. Contact us.


    About the author

    Nathan Goodearl

    Nathan Goodearl
    Senior Consultant at inlumi

    Nathan is an EPM professional with 13 years of experience in the development and support of Enterprise Planning solutions. Nathan enjoys seeking opportunities to add value to customers that benefits an entire organisation. Before joining inlumi, Nathan was the Subject Matter Expert at The Guardian for the internal Hyperion Planning system. He has contributed to the implementation and support of over fifty Hyperion Planning and Essbase applications and is experienced in data integration and EPM infrastructure having consulted for multiple clients in various industries such as Banking, Media, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Public and Publishing sectors.