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    Leveraging OneStream for ESG and Sustainability Reporting

    March 22nd, 2022 | Micaela Rei

    ESG reporting refers to the disclosure of qualitative and quantitative data explaining a business’s added value in these areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance.

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    How inlumi enabled success at DNV with OneStream Software

    January 28th, 2021

    Thor is a solution architect who has been a part of the inlumi Norway team since its inception in 2013. Together with team members Eva and Magdalena, he has successfully completed the implementation of OneStream at DNV. This is a hugely exciting project for two reasons: it is the first OneStream project in Norway and sees inlumi working alongside one of Norway’s most renowned organisations. Thor and Eva were thrown into the deep end but thanks to their tenacity, they successfully delivered a robust, tailor-made solution for the client. We interviewed Thor and Jonas to learn how the team delivered a successful project.

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    Hyperion Insurance: Leveraging the power of relational data with OneStream

    October 16th, 2020 | Andy George

    What level of data should your EPM system hold?

    This is a question that Hyperion Insurance have grappled with over recent years.

    Hyperion Insurance Group is an international firm of insurance brokers and underwriters. With over 4,500 employees worldwide, Hyperion Insurance is one of the world’s leading insurance intermediary groups. Since humble beginnings in 1994 as a small London broker, Hyperion Insurance has become a leading independent, international insurance group.

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    Working on the design and build of OneStream technology

    June 23rd, 2020 | Lauri Järvinen

    “There’s talk on the street; it sounds so familiar. Great expectations, everybody’s watching you.” Eagles sang this in their 1976 hit New Kid in Town.

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    An Introduction to the OneStream REST API’s

    June 17th, 2020 | Wayne Kelly

    For anybody who has been involved in conversations where one system has to communicate with another, there’s a good chance the term REST API’s will have come up. But what are REST API’s and why should we care?

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    Exploring OneStream XF MarketPlace: Templates, Tools, and Security

    May 26th, 2020 | Sam Eburn

    This is the second in our series of blogs exploring OneStream’s XF MarketPlace solutions. In this segment we focus on a small selection of the development Tools and Templates that are instantly available from XF MarketPlace and their usefulness in accelerating OneStream development.

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    Exploring OneStream XF MarketPlace: User Task Manager

    May 13th, 2020 | Sam Eburn

    With OneStream’s XF MarketPlace, users can choose from over 50 purpose-built productivity and business solutions to download, configure and deploy in minutes. Thanks to the single licensing model, we have access to everything in XF MarketPlace for free! In this new blog series, we will be exploring some of this useful out-of-the-box functionality, using a selection of tools that are available to accelerate functionality and development. First, we review the Task Manager solution available as part of the reconciliation suite in XF MarketPlace.

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    Leveraging OneStream to streamline Finance

    March 27th, 2020

    Recently, inlumi enabled Finance teams at one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data & infrastructure to drive business performance by implementing OneStream’s XF CPM Cloud. 

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