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    Ikano Bank optimises its budgeting and forecasting with Oracle Cloud

    May 17th, 2019

    In 2018, after a recommendation by Oracle, Ikano Bank approached inlumi with the request to automate their budgeting and forecasting process and simplify the usage. Their ambition was to enable faster decision-making and decrease time-to-market with improved data quality, while improving the lives of finance staff.

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    Nykredit optimises financial processes with inlumi

    May 13th, 2019

    Nykredit, a leading financial services company in Denmark, has been using Oracle EPM on-premise for several years. Nykredit needed to upgrade their software to stay aligned with Oracle’s software version recommendations, and there was a demand within the organisation for new features to review the processes for maintaining the solution.

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    SBAB Modernises Budgeting and Planning with Oracle Cloud

    April 1st, 2019

    SBAB Bank, a Swedish bank focused on mortgage lending and borrowing, was experiencing limitations in their existing EPM solution. After working for several years with Oracle Planning and Budgeting on-premise, they started looking into a more cost-effective Cloud-based way to deliver the same service to the organisation but also to provide more interactive and self-service reporting analytical tools. 

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    Oracle Analytics Cloud explained

    February 27th, 2019 | Martin Holm

    As finance gets more complex and demand grows for high-quality and intuitive technology solutions, the need for an analytics platform is a given. By using Oracle Analytics Cloud, organisations will have the possibility to analyse any kind of underlying source and compile it to make better strategic decisions with more insight moving forward.

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    Why consider Oracle Analytics Cloud as a part of your Cloud strategy?

    December 17th, 2018 | Martin Holm

    The need for change is just around the corner. Software and hardware are evolving together with trends and needs at the speed of light.

    Many of you are probably working actively on finding the most optimal way forward, and one conclusion can be to go for a Cloud solution that supports your need and demands.

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    Indie gaming group Stillfront selects inlumi for Oracle FCCS implementation

    September 19th, 2018

    At inlumi, we’re always excited to get new clients who do interesting work. In August, Stillfront Group signed a contract with inlumi to implement Oracle FCCS to support Stillfront’s group consolidation process and management reporting needs.

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    Strengthen your strategic choices with Oracle’s Strategic Modeling

    March 1st, 2018

    I could open this article with some cheesy metaphor like, “Reborn in the sky from its on-prem version, allow Strategic Modeling in Oracle’s cloud to make your business shine like a star,” but let me to stick to the facts.

    Strangely enough, in an era where we finance officers are trying to optimise the centralisation of financial information, we can still see in strategic and M&A departments heavy Excel sheets flooded with formulas and links to other Excel files. In the meantime, defining strategic models and testing different outcomes and hypotheses has never been more critical than today.

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    inlumi enables automatic load of data from Navision to HFM

    February 7th, 2018

    European Energy A/S has changed the data load from Navision to HFM for its 300 companies. inlumi consultants have carried out a seamless and direct integration, in which they replaced their file-based load in FDMEE from multiple Microsoft Navision databases.

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    Fruitful Strategic Insights session hosted by inlumi UK

    December 7th, 2017

    inlumi has landed in the UK! inlumi's UK team recently hosted a fruitful and fun event on FCCS announcing our presence, in collaboration with Keyteach. The session was a heady mix of strategy, hands-on, networking and debate. The attendees were positive and engaging, providing great feedback.

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