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The 5 steps to Making a Move for Continuous Modernization in the CFO Office

The 5 steps to Making a Move for Continuous Modernization in the CFO Office

December 18th, 2019

We live in volatile times where business challenges and changes occur every day at an accelerating pace. At the same time technology is also driving change starting with the digital behaviour of customers and all other activities in the entire value chain causing increased storage of so-called big data, which is also impacting the CFO Office.

Companies and their competitors are in a race to move smarter and faster with innovation and new value propositions impacting margins and the bottom-line. The irrevocable move of the CFO Office to be a business partner for sustainable value creation and supporting the business with their challenges has an impact on people & organisation of the CFO Office, information needs, the planning & control cycle and information technology used.

At the same time companies are looking to reduce finance staff, despite the growing regulatory and tax demands and the magnitude of data to deal with. This requires standardisation for improved automation and a continuous modernisation strategy within the CFO Office to keep up.

Why read this whitepaper?

The way enterprise performance management (EPM) and advanced analytics are being used, both today and for tomorrow, has a significant impact as it is coming into the hands of all business users who require self-service capabilities combined with Artificial Intelligence for speed-of-thought analysis. When operational, financial, non-financial and external data are combined and provided real-time or near real-time in order to steer the business more effectively with forward-looking insights, this results in a competitive edge when done smarter, better and faster than the competition. This whitepaper describes WHY, HOW and WHAT is needed for continuous modernisation in the CFO Office.

Key takeaways:

  • Technology is driving change and is impacting the CFO Office. Make sure you are ready for the next steps and know how to make the right next steps;
  • Create a vision and roadmap for continuous modernisation in the CFO Office;
  • Create the foundation with educated people and a modern unified EPM software platform;
  • Get started!

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